Artist’s View: Adam and Elvis

Artist’s View: Adam and Elvis

Adam & Elvis Current scene in our city We’re based in Reading which has more interesting bands from out of

Adam & Elvis

Current scene in our city

We’re based in Reading which has more interesting bands from out of town visiting it than ten years ago, thanks mainly too Are You Listening festival starting up, but on a local level things aren’t the best. Get a lot of shit open mic nights with people playing covers of Florence and the Machine or Amy Winehouse and I am think open mics could be a utopian moment to try anything, just make it new, like a strange scene out of a 60s cult, but it’s just young and old people void of any imagination or humour. It’s quite a comfortable place to live really, good bus services and decent public library so maybe comfortable living has done away with any burning desire to experiment. We gig in Reading a lot and I should say the people that come out and party with us are downright beautiful! We played with Pin Ups who are the best band to ever come out of Reading at our favourite bar Global Cafe not long ago and it was really fun.

Positives and negatives that we are seeing

Every gig of 2019 we have played has been good and we have met nice people, there’s a lot of dickheads out there and it’s easy to forget how good gigs are not just because of music but because live music is generally an arena for nice people. Maybe it’s not that way at the top maybe if we’re successful we’ll have to put up with a load of estate agents. The negatives are that it’s hard to keep going, we all have to work outside of the band to feed ourselves and pay rent, no one can survive off fifty quid for a gig and selling a few CDs at shows, but obviously things are very tough for a lot of people at the moment outside of music too so it’s not really a negative anchored to music it permeates all aspects of modern living.

Best venues, other great artists we like

I like The George Tavern next to Shadwell and around the corner from Whitechapel. We have played there loads and we used to choose our favourite bands to play with, we learnt a lot from playing there. Everyone at the venue is lovely and have had to fight hard not to become super expensive flats, but the pressure hasn’t made them grumpy, not that there’s anything wrong with immense pressure making people grumpy. We played there with Meatraffle and then me and Tom (the bassist) took some acid and went back to mine and things got really confusing, he wouldn’t stop talking about OJ Simpson, he wasn’t defending him or anything horrible, he was just intrigued about the whole thing.

We admire silly bands and songwriters like Jarvis Cocker and Pulp, Deaf School, Divine Comedy, Wesley Gonzalez, Richard Hell, Devo, Half Man Half Biscuit, Warmduscher. But we’re also into more doom and gloom nuwave stuff like Magazine, Television.