Artist's View: MUX

Artist's View: MUX

MUX How much does a song cost? In this very moment, while writing this article I am listening to a


How much does a song cost?

In this very moment, while writing this article I am listening to a playlist of some
obscure Ethiopian music, and 5 minutes ago I was listening to a band called “Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!” simply because I liked their name. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without all these streaming services, which put an almost infinitely vast database of music at our service, it’s truly amazing and best of all… it’s all free.

One might think that the music industry has been completely revolutionised for the better… well, that’s not entirely true! This powerful, ever moving machine that keeps on churning out new music on a second by second basis has one big flaw. One of its cogs is over-stressed, over-worked and not greased enough. What cog am I talking about? But the artists of course. Those exact same musicians that keep on writing all these songs that we love so much.

Records don’t sell much anymore, people listen to music almost entirely online, which is actually a great thing, for many reasons. However it stops being so great when you realise that the money Spotify and company are making doesn’t get redistributed fairly with the artists… the same musicians without which these websites would have never existed in the first place! Do you know how much Youtube pay an artist for 1000 plays of one of their songs? A staggering figure of £3! THREE POUNDS! And do you know how much that same song cost the artist to produce? It’s tragic; there are so many costs you have to face when you are a musician. Let me just mention a few: Instruments (duh), studio time for practice, studio time to record, transport fees, music videos, photos, PR and many many other expenses.

And ultimately the real problem is that the true victim here is music. Less kids will want to start a music career, less bands will be able to make a living from music, less songs will be written, quality of content will go (is already going) down… and who knows, maybe in a not so far future music will be written solely by Artificial Intelligence

This is a subject I feel so strongly about that I titled MUX’s soon-to-be-released single “The perks of being a broke musician”. For the music video we are going to try to bring together as many British bands as possible. We want to make a bold statement; that will make waves by showing the world how united we are in our skintness.