Interview: Chilè

Interview: Chilè

In London’s musical heart of Camden Benumu interviewed Chilè – an electro-pop band with an interesting mix of Polish, French

In London’s musical heart of Camden Benumu interviewed Chilè – an electro-pop band with an interesting mix of Polish, French and Czech backgrounds. This amalgamation of nationalities results in an electrifying blend of bass and melody perfect for rooftop pool parties. They actually met at one such pool party. Hearing bassist Damien speak about the vibrant street party scene in São Paulo made sense to drummer Miro whose mission in life centres on the audience’s most basic instinct – to move to the beat. Singer and producer Marta joined in with her ethereal melodies that make you feel like you’re preparing for the perfect holiday on a deserted sunny island while feeling a bit nostalgic. Their honesty and vibrancy as a band is evident in both their music and interview answers, and we at Benumu were honoured to have them play at one of our Sunday Sessions in established venue Camden Assembly.

So first of all, where are you from?

(Damien) Poland, France, Czech Republic and London.

So quite a mix there… how did you guys meet each other?

(Damien) Gumtree!

What is your dream venue to play at/in?

(Damien) Koko for me (Miro) Roundhouse (Damien) It’s clearly all about Camden! (Joulie) I want O2 somewhere in London.

You can choose anywhere in the world – no limits.

(Joulie) Space! (Damien) I really fancy Koko to be honest, it’s so cool, I have nothing else – group laughs.

And, so far, at the venues you have played at, which has been your favourite?

-unanimously- Camden Assembly! (Miro) Shoutout to Benumu and Simon. (Joulie) We also like Finsbury Park – it’s always nice there. (Damien)  Yeah, we like the area and the people.

If you had to liken each other to animals what would they be?

(Damien) -going on phone to look up ‘Pangolin’- (Miro) He’s clearly thought about this already (Damien) I would be a pangolin. (Joulie) I knew you’d be a lizard (beard) It’s so funny! (Miro) Yeah, in case you didn’t get that. (Joulie) I would be a large cat I think (Damien) Not a small one (Joulie) Yeah, you know, a bit aggressive but nice also – well, if you are nice to me (Yue-Hin Liu) I would be a dinosaur.. because I am old. (Miro) The last one standing.

Well, dinosaurs are closely related to chickens. What do you think about chickens?

(Yue-Hin Liu) Chickens, they’re very tasty although I worry about the sustainability of chickens because we eat a lot of chickens. I think we should all eat crickets and lab grown meat.

Do you guys ever find yourselves worrying about stage persona, or is it something you don’t think about and it just happens when you get onstage?

(Damien) It definitely just happens! (Joulie) Yeah, it really depends. It depends on the place, atmosphere and people. Sometimes it clicks and people react – which makes it very easy. Sometimes it’s difficult because people don’t react and then I start to think if it’s alright, or if they like what I’m playing and think it’s good. But, yes, it really depends.

Just moments ago during your set you mentioned that you’re used to playing at a later time. When do you normally perform and why do you prefer it a bit later in the night?

(Damien) when people are drunk (Joulie) – laughs and nods in agreement – Yeah, when people are more drunk!

Is there anything you particularly like or dislike from a crowd?

(Joulie) Silence. Yeah, when they don’t react its weird.

Do you have a song that you hate but the public loves, so you have to play it?

(Joulie) – laughs – I don’t think we’re that famous yet! (Damien) Yeah, we’re not at that stage yet – I wish, I wish.

Well, in regards to that, what’s in the pipeline for you guys?

(Damien) well, the song we just released has a remix coming out in December, and the live version, so that’s what’s in the pipeline at the moment.

And if you could choose any musical era to experience that you missed out on what would it be?

(Joulie) 80’s, actually maybe even 60s or 70s. (Miro) Yeah, 70s. (Damien) She likes Robert Plant. (Joulie) -laughs- Yeah, I’d be his girlfriend then.

What do you think of the era you’ve landed in?

(Damien) It’s great. (Joulie) It’s difficult… (Damien) Very different answer.

Do you think it supports your sound?

(Damien) We can only really make music we like and the rest is not up to us. If you think to much about it beforehand, I don’t think it’s the best approach. (Joulie) It’s not the best thing to focus on what what people expect (Damien) You’ve just got to do things and see how people react.