Interview: The Trusted

Interview: The Trusted

The Trusted are a four piece band from Southend-on-Sea that remind you why you fell in love with garage guitar

The Trusted are a four piece band from Southend-on-Sea that remind you why you fell in love with garage guitar bands in the first place. There is something magnetic about the band with their appealingly relatable lyrics, gritty guitar resonance, interchanging tempo’s and ever-changing style; all underscored by modulated, silvery vocals that in turn boast contrasting grit. Much can be seen on the horizon for this band as it is clear they’ve got more than just a foot into guitar-hop’s ever-swinging door from their continuous stream of quality material as well as plethora of polished live performances.

Photography: Elizabeth Alster


You’re from Southend – what’s the music scene like there and how would you compare it to the London music scene?

(Tom) It’s quite hard to compare because obviously London’s so like big. It’s like a micro version- (Dale interjects) It is quite London like though. (Tom) Yeah there’s a lot of energy in a very small space, so a lot of bands in a very small space. I guess it makes it more intense because everyone’s much closer together. (Dale) Obviously though there’s a lot more variety in London music compared to South End. I also find that because they’re both so close together you get them interacting a lot.

So you released new single ‘No Real Control’ in July of this year; how’s that been received?

(Tom) Yeah, very well, we’ve been really over the moon with the response. We’ve had a lot of overseas responses and also lots of appreciation from the North, and quite a few people in Southend as well, so it’s kind of reached everywhere so we’ve been really proud.

And you have new material in the pipeline?

(Dale) Yes, we’re releasing our next single hopefully in October.

Who are your musical inspirations?

(Dale) Muse – just because they’re the first band I really got into. (David) – I love a bit of Nirvana. (Tom) – Can I pick three? – rest of band objects-Either Jack White or U2. (Finlay) – Probably The Who because I listened to that when I was younger and I liked the bass player.


What is your dream venue to play at?

Mixed answers between The O2 Arena and Glastonbury.

(Tom) Yeah I think probably Glastonbury because anywhere in Glastonbury the atmosphere is just great. Anywhere between a toilet and a stage I’d settle for – just somewhere in Glastonbury!

If you had to liken each band member to an animal what would it be?

Finlay gets ‘Snake“, Dale gets ‘parrot‘ or ‘weasel‘, Tom gets ‘sloth’ (Tom) You can see that we’re really nice to each other clearly.

What is your worst song in your opinion?

(Tom) “What’s in your head” I’d say – yeah, it’s crap.

The longest song taken to compose?

(Unanimously) Get out. (Tom) We wrote the song in like 2016 and then we’d been playing it for about a year and a half, went to record it and realised it wasn’t very good – well, some was good some was bad – so we took it back and reworked it. Technically you could actually say we’re still working on it, so about two years!

Do you find yourself thinking about stage persona or is it not something you think about anymore?

(David) Don’t think about it. We used to definitely. (Finlay)  – laughing– Well this one (gesturing at Tom)kicks off generally so I just try and stay focused! (Tom) I think you just go on and do what feels natural. We don’t think about it beforehand, we think really hard about performing the songs but in terms of how the performance is we just do what comes naturally really.

What do you like or dislike from a crowd?

(Tom) The worst thing, I think, is when everyone’s phone’s go up (interjected byDale) What?! (Tom) I don’t mind being filmed it’s just when people watch the whole thing through their phone. Just enjoy it while you’re there! (Dale) People talking over you? (Tom) Yeah, sometimes you get people talking over you the whole gig and that’s a bit- (David interjects) I think the worst is when you go in after loads of football and they’re just talking about that the whole time!