Climb the Attic

One day Hugh woke up and decided to become a Rock Star (like slash u know) so he started writing tunes but they sounded a bit shit so he called up Ronnie and asked him to help him out. The kind Ronnie joined  the project even though he didn’t like Hugh because of his low intellectual qualities but he agreed because he knew one day the little Hugh could write a banger tune that will make them all very rich!

After jamming (drinking) for weeks together they decided to enrol  the BASS slammer Callum not only for his musical talents but also for his strategic skills.

Lastly, the DRUMMER… Now.. we all know drummers are always the problematic ones in a band but Hugh, Ronnie and Callum got lucky and found a sober one named Stanley.

So that is OUR story. NOW taking bookings for children’s birthday parties.