Skinner’s Lane

Skinner’s Lane have been causing a storm in Merseyside with their charismatic garage rock style fused with elements of psychedelia, blues and even prog-rock. Hailing from totally different parts of the globe (California, Norway, England), it was the three’s keen interest in riff driven music such as Black Keys, Royal Blood and Franz Ferdinand that brought the group together.

“With the riff’s combined with the frontman Zak’s energy, the place filled fast. Through the Canadian accent and the American humour, Zak and his band definitely set the bar high for acts to follow” – Purple Revolver.

Their cross-genre explosive sound has seen them gain plaudits for their two singles, Dear Brighton and To My Face, as well as their stage presence at their live performances. This has seen them support international acts Chase City and Fiona Grey plus London starlets The Wild Things.