Since forming on a lonely Valentine’s Day in 2016, vibrant indie/rock quartet Suncharmer have been building a solid reputation as an excitingly fresh live act, despite stumbling through their very first rehearsal with no cymbals or usable snare drum. Almost 2 years later, the band have developed an infectious, hard-hitting sound that pulses with sharp riffs and shimmering surf guitar.

The band have lived in various rural towns and villages surrounding Tunbridge Wells in Kent almost all of their lives. Growing up away from the clattering blur of urban cities has taken effect on their musical output, often creating an obscure blend of textures and moods that defines the bulk of their sound.

Suncharmer have already ticked off some admirable achievements early on in their career, from playing fast-growing festivals such as The Vicar’s Picnic and Penn Fest, to supporting current indie/rock favourites The Magic Gang, Yak and INHEAVEN. Early 2018 saw the band nominated as one of twenty shortlisted in Northern Exposure & Musicians Against Homelessness competition to play Croatia’s IN Music Festival.

“Suncharmer are a no-frills indie group, whose songs are embellished with soulful vocals, giving their sound a three dimensional depth…” – Sounds Of An Eccentric.