The Trusted

The Trusted are a band on a mission: a mission to reacquaint audiences with just how vital guitar rock can be when it’s done right.
This Southend four-piece defiantly embraces the classic structures of vocals, lead guitar, bass and drums. And they craft a sound that reminds you of why you fell in love with garage guitar bands in the first place.

Whatever your first crush was, you’ll find a familiar touchstone on at least one of their songs. But The Trusted are distinctive, with the repertoire and musicianship to confidently claim their own seats at guitar-pop’s high table.

Singer Tom Cunningham’s contribution belies his youthful looks. He has a voice that resonates, not only on record but live too. And his stage performances unfailingly send both his melodies and his words hurtling over the footlights and into the crowd.

Underpinning Tom’s vocals, lead guitarist Dale Holt-Mead artfully weaves infectious hooks in and out of their songs. His ingenious ‘stabs’ and ‘chops’ always propelling the music toward a climax.
And the band’s engine-room of bass player Fin Cunningham and drummer Dave Batchelor provide both groove and percussive drive in equal measure.

‘We live in turbulent times’, sings Tom on Turbulence, ‘I want to feel alright.’

Don’t we all?

But there’s cause for optimism. Because if you could bottle the spirit this band generates, then you could sell it as a cure.

In the meantime, go and hear them and see them in the flesh.

Until you do, just take this on trust…